AGAMI Salon has established a relationship with ORIBE, GHD, and JEM COSMETICS to provide you with a full line of salon professional products. They embody the unique core values of fashion, science, education, and anti-diversion.
Oribe (pronounced OR-bay) is a distinguished and renowned celebrity hairstylist, and has been lauded as one of the top hairdressers of all time. Oribe’s combination of session, celebrity and salon work spans over three decades, and he has defined the notion of fashion over the course of a career of unprecedented longevity and scope.

Oribe Hair Care crafts exclusive, artisanal blends of the finest hair formulations for the glamorous and hair-obsessed. Built upon a rich heritage of hairstyling, fashion and artistry, this truly luxe collection was created for taste driven individuals who know that personal style, perfectly expressed and paired with excellence is the ultimate luxury.

The shampoos and conditioners start at the highest levels of performance and are arguably the best on the market. Partnering with the world’s leading formulators, renowned for their studied perfection and decades of experience, the line blends unsurpassed natural actives with the highest performance treatment technology, providing a balance between the best from nature and the best from science. The result is a collection of shampoos, conditioners and masques specifically tailored to the hair needs of the most glamorous – and a regimen that truly delivers on the concept of hair care.

The styling products focus on the demands of the most discerning; top hairstylists and their clients. Using the finest skin care ingredients and the latest advancements in hold, shine, luster and volume, these products lend a sophistication to styling that has yet to exist. This focused line of styling tools brings beautiful looks and finishes while simultaneously repairing, strengthening, defrizzing and smoothing. These are the products of the hair obsessed.

Oribe’s range delivers truly original products: gels that condition, oils that hold, sprays that don’t flake or clump, skincare-grade shampoos that prep hair for styling as well as the environment – all lightly scented with specially commissioned French perfumes. Beautiful in function and form alike – this is line is for taste driven individuals who know that personal style, perfectly expressed and paired with excellence is the ultimate luxury.


GHD styling tools and hair care products are preferred by the world’s top hairdressers, celebrities, and supermodels.

They are a global leader in heat-styling, thanks to their world-beating range of ceramic styling irons plus thermodynamics, and a collection of styling products which lets you style with heat, and all without fear.

Because of their incredible versatility, GHD irons let you change your style as often as you wish. You can straighten, twist, curl, wave, bounce, and create ringlets.


Pure JEM Cosmetics was founded and developed by Jennifer McQuown.
The product line consists of effective skin care, phytonutrient and pharmaceutical skin care, relaxing spa products, USDA certified organic soaps, and mineral makeup.

She chooses herbs indigenous to their origin and harvests them at the correct time of year and at the right time of the day when the benefits of the plants at their peak.

Natural herbal extracts, specialty ingredients and aromatherapy essential oils are blended with H2O-based emulsions to provide results. No artificial dyes or sensitizing ingredients are used. Sold exclusively at AGAMI Salon.

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