Keratin Hair Treatments

Hello,  I’m here today to talk about Keratin treatments. Now these treatments have hit the market like a plague, it’s horrible, but we do need them. A lot goes back to taking care of your hair and the hair care that goes along with it. I believe women were not educated on their hair so they were using things like thermal flat irons, blow-dryers without protecting their hair from those heat elements. So what’s happening is your protein gets stripped out of the hair shaft and your hair becomes frizzy brittle and unmanageable. On top of that they were coloring it and their color isn’t always the best color quality. So what ends up happening is that color takes more protein out, your hair gets frizzier, more unmanageable and you are completely aggravated because you cannot tame your hair yourself. “Keratin treatments have hit the market, are they all the same?” is a common question that my clients ask. “No they are not.” The FDA cracked down on many of them because they had formaldehyde in them.

Even the ones that said they had no formaldehyde in them, they were using formalin. Which is a form of formaldehyde. Which is still horrible for the client and bad for the stylist, but it was straightening out the hair and making it silky smooth. I use a product called Global Keratin. GK Hair was formulated completely formaldehyde free. We have the patent on Juvexin. Juvexin in a keratin protein from sheep’s wool from New Zealand. What that does, is we have it in our product at it’s raw form.

We haven’t tampered with it, hydrolyzed it, spun it with heat, we haven’t done anything to it. So at it’s raw form we get the best quality of ingredient in our product and don’t have to add the formaldehyde to it. So when you’re researching and looking for a keratin treatment, you should make sure it is Global Keratin, because we are formaldehyde free and I believe the best on the market. It’s what we use, Juvexin is great. Our hair care that goes along with it, shampoo and conditioner, also have Juvexin in it. And sometimes I prescribe those shampoos and conditioners for clients that don’t even have a keratin treatment in their hair, because the Juvexin just helps repair the hair. It’s sulfate free, paraben free. It’s over-all a high-quality great shampoo and conditioner to use. Thank you for watching, and I hope you found this information useful. If you’d like to get a Keratin treatment, give us a call.