Hair Weaving

I’m coming at you with a review of Pretty Hair Weave. If you’re interested in hair weaving, please stay tuned. Okay, let’s get down to the basics. I have installed 24, 22, and 20 inch bundles. WIth an 18 inch lace closure on top, This is a Brazilian body wave , this is actually what the hair looks like after being washed and air dried in it’s natural state. I had it installed on February 25th.  So, its been about, what, 2 or 3 weeks and I’ve washed it twice. So this is what the hair looks like after being washed twice.. it’s keeping up pretty well The only product I have in my hair is garnier fructis sleek and shine, Kera Care leave in conditioner, and the Argon oil. Just a few drops and that’s it. I can’t think of anything else to tell you about the hair.

What I chose to do was  go to Agami Salon to pick up my hair. And I  had my extensions installed there.  It was interesting. So, getting back to the hair. This is, like I said I have a 20, 22, and 24 inch bundle. As well as an 18 inch closure. This hair is very thick, as you can see. It’s very full and it has a lot of body and shine. The wefts themselves are very full. The individual strands of the hair I would say that they are f really healthy. I have minimal split ends if any at all. I’ve experienced some shedding but I think that’s because the stylists cut the last weft. .So you guys can check that out. They have a variety of lengths From 12 inches all the way up to I think 38,. which I have never really seen So, I think that’s pretty cool If you choose to go to the salon.She will have 36 and 38 inch hair in stock. I found that amazing because you can never find that length in a store, you have to order it online. Now, I chose the convenience of picking it up because I didn’t want to wait for snail mail from China for my hair to get here. I was very excited when I found out that I could pick up my hair locally in my city. .So if you don’t live in  near here, then you probably won’t be able to pick your hair. The shipping is about, I think $10 And she ships all over the United States. It comes in kinky, deep wave, And I think it comes in a deep loose wave. Again, she has all of this in stock at the salon.